Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Mommy App Review

I'm always using apps on my smart phone and there are so many out there sometimes it;''s hard to find the one that is right for you and your needs. Well today I'm sharing with you a new app called A Mommy App.
A Mommy App was created by a mommy with mommies in mind and is everything you would expect from an app with this name.

The main feature of the app is the kids section where you list your children and can fill in all sorts of information about them from important milestones to likes and dislikes and even appointments. The page is fully customizable and you can change the avatar to look like your child and dress them up in fun clothes. Calleigh decided she wanted to be a princess but there are tons to choose from. You can also change the background and you can make it rain or snow too!

Another great feature is the Mommy Quiz where you can test your mommy knowledge with 200 questions and it gives you a percentage at the end so you can keep trying until you are the queen of mommy knowledge!

Calleigh's favourite part of the app is the games section. There are three games to play when you have a spare 5 minutes from mommy duties. Calleigh loves the bubble pop game and it actually keeps her quiet for a short period!

The app is great for storing all of your information about your children as well as for taking a much need five minutes for mommy- if you get chance! There is even a section for stress relief so you can unload some of that stress of the day with inspirational quotes and words of wisdom!

You can download the app on iPhone here or if you have an android you can download it here.

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