Friday, 14 November 2014

Getting Back on Track

Things have been a bit crazy over here in the last couple of weeks and once again my little blog has been feeling a little neglected. Just to catch you all up and offer a bit of an explanation I thought I would share a bit of what has been going on these past couple of weeks. 

Of course first off my mother is over visiting us again so we have been spending quality time with her and going out and about quite a bit. It is also November which is Calleigh's birthday month so we have been shopping, wrapping and organising birthday celebrations. Christmas is also just around the corner so that meant more shopping and wrapping as I wanted to get a good head start as we may not have much time leading up to Christmas. 

With that being said it leads us to the next couple of big things that have been happening. We have found ourselves a little house we like and have been (and still are) in the process of securing it and sorting out all of the painstaking tasks involved in buying a house- obviously made even more of a difficult job thanks to the fact that we are not American and have not been here 2 years yet. But we are getting there slowly. 
And the second thing is that I have finally found myself some seasonal work :-) 

Aside from all of that we have been enjoying quiet nights and I have really neglected my camera, which I hate because I love taking photo's of Calleigh so much and it pains me that I don't have hundreds of photo's of her to share with you! 
But alas there are some- so here is a little bit of what we have been up too told in photo's! 

Making some cookies with Mee Mee

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies (slightly burnt due to multi-tasking)

Playing at the park

Learning to climb up

She can do it by herself now but still needs us near for support

"Helping" Mee Mee with her latchhook

On a play date with her best buddy

Beautiful smile ruined by chocolate!

Building a cushion fort!

She wanted a froggy on her face

Wrapping up her birthday presents

Daddy went away for a week on business so I was on night time duty!

Taking a break in Starbucks with a cake pop and ponies!

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