Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! 
We hope you have all had a wonderful time and enjoyed every last minute of the season! We certainly have had an amazing Christmas, although very different from what we are used to. Also having just moved house we were in a slight panic that we wouldn't get the place sorted by Christmas but we did! We spent a quiet Christmas eve in (after having to go out to return Calleigh's big present as it was smashed inside the box and they were completely out of stock everywhere! I was gutted) watching some TV and opening our Christmas Eve Baskets.

I have missed my family over Christmas especially today, but we still got to chat with them in the morning and they got to see Calleigh open some presents. 

The morning didn't start out amazing though as both Calleigh and I have been battling a cough and cold for the past few days and it seemed that we were both pretty bad with out throats on Christmas morning. I was losing my voice and even though I could see Calleigh really trying to be excited she just didn't have the energy straight away nor was she in a particularly good mood after a bad night.

But once she had some toast and milk inside her she seemed to perk up a bit and eventually managed to open all her presents. She was so happy with all her presents so thank you to everyone that brought her a present.  

We still have a lot left to do in our house, it's pretty hard to do things with Calleigh around, but we really have our fingers crossed to be settled by the new year! And then hopefully I can put my time back into the blog and doing my favourite thing of all- taking photos of Calleigh! 

Here are some photos of our Christmas! 

Calleigh's Christmas Eve Basket

Calleigh loved putting milk and cookies out for Santa

Santa has been!

Getting started on her presents

A little cuddle for mommy

Toys Galore

The first Christmas Dinner I made and our first in America

Christmas naps after a busy day!

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