Monday, 1 December 2014

The First Day of Advent

So it's the first of December today which means it's Christmas in 24 days!!!! I am very excited for Christmas this year, even though I will miss spending it with lots of family I am kind of looking forward to it just being the three of us and spending it in America. 
All of Calleigh's presents have been brought and wrapped, although there is still plenty of time for more to be added- kind of a down side to getting everything done so early!

We put the tree up the day after Calleigh's birthday and although she's been pretty good with it so far there have been a few occasions where she has taken the baubles off! We are almost finished with our decorations and lights outside too. I will be sure to share some pictures of it all when we have finished! 

But for now I would like to share a little video of Calleigh and her advent calendar, she was not pleased that she could only have one haha!

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