Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Week Away

Two weeks ago I received some really bad news and it ended up in an emergency trip back to England for me. I decided at the time that it would be better (and less expensive) for me to go alone and leave Calleigh here with Daddy. It was such a hard decision as I have never been away from Calleigh for that long before and I was really worried about travelling alone and how much I would miss Calleigh. I also felt really bad about going to England and not taking Calleigh for the families to see, I know everyone misses her so much and would have loved seeing her.

Well I'm happy to report the travelling went well and I found it so much easier to travel alone than I thought it would be. Calleigh gave me some of her ponies to take with me so we could be together. On the flight over I had the whole row to myself which was a dream! I was able to lie down and relax, it was amazing! 
The only problem I en counted was a last minute cancellation on my flight back from Newark to St Louis which resulted in a lot of sorting out to get on a different flight and an overnight stay at Newark (plus more expensive!) and another day until I was able to see my Calleigh beans!

It was really great to go back and see family again, even if the circumstances and the reason for my visit were not the best. I spent the week at my sisters with my mum, her boyfriend and their extremely large, excitable puppy Shadow! 
Because of the short notice of the trip I didn't take much money back with me but everything I did take of course got spent on treats to take back for Calleigh! I couldn't visit England without bringing her back some Pom Bears, which she got a taste for on our last visit in September. She also ended up with a load of ponies, turtles, magazines and clothes haha! 

It was hard to spend the time away from Calleigh and I did miss her so much, even though sometimes it was nice to just do what I wanted when I wanted without having to worry about Calleigh. I spoke to her and Daddy on FaceTime when I could, although there was a few days when she refused to talk to me because she was angry with me for not being with her! 
I think Paul enjoyed the whole experience too- he worked from home whilst I was away so he got to learn more about what Calleigh likes and her routines and got to spend a lot more time with her than usual. It was a real week of Daddy-Daughter bonding! 

Overall I really enjoyed my week away but was definitely ready to go back to my baby girl. When I got off that plane in St Louis and came walking down to baggage reclaim I saw Calleigh and Daddy standing there waiting for me and once Calleigh saw me she came running over shouting "Momma, I missed you, I missed you". It was so sweet! I couldn't have asked for a better welcome home! 
We stopped off for some food on the way back (I was starving!) and when we finally got home I walked into a little welcome home party they had set up with banners and balloons and presents for me. It was so nice!
Calleigh couldn't wait to get into my suitcase as she knew I had presents for her and she was so excited every time she saw something for her. "Oh wow" "Oh my goodness" "I love it" "All this for me" were just some of what she said bless her.

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