Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Discover the Dinosaurs

This weekend just gone we took Calleigh to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit which was held in Americas Center in St Louis. I brought the tickets a while back when I saw them on Groupon and knew I had to get them as Calleigh (and myself) are so interested in Dinosaurs. She had been looking forward to it for weeks, every morning asking if we were going to the Dinosaur museum today. 

Calleigh is really good with her dinosaurs and can easily tell you a carnivore from a herbivore and which dinosaurs fall into each group. We have a ton of Dinosaur DVD's and books, in fact, for weeks her preferred bedtime story was a Dinosaur fact book haha. 

The exhibit was great and we loved walking around and looking at each set up. Calleigh did get a little scared at first, as the dinosaurs moved, but eventually she calmed down and was running about as usual! 

After the initial Dinosaur exhibits there was a area full of inflatable slides and play areas for kids. Calleigh's favorite was the Ice Age slide. And she loved getting her face painted! 

We had a great time and are hoping that more Dinosaur themed things make their way to St Louis! 

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