Friday, 3 April 2015

Our Home

I thought it was about time I shared with you all our home here in the states. 
Obviously we have lived in another house but that was rented off a lovely couple who moved back to England for a few years. This house however is ours! We are the homeowners and everything inside and out is ours. We moved in back in December (about 10 days before Christmas!) and as the previous home was rented fully furnished we had literally no furniture whatsoever (apart from Calleigh's room). 

It was hard, especially at Christmas, but we tried to do it room by room and slowly it began to look more and more like home to us! 
I'll share a few photos of our house and then later on down the line more about our move and how we made this house into our home! 

The first two photos are of our main seating area. This is where we spend most of our nights watching TV. The fireplace is gorgeous but it is a work in progress, I really wanted to make use of it over winter but it doesn't have any glass or safety yet so it's pretty much just for decoration at the moment. 

This next photo is the entrance from the front door and the stairway. To the left is Calleigh's playroom and to the right the dining area (see below photo). The door you can see leads down to the finished basement.

Upstairs has four bedrooms. This photo is the master bedroom which has his and hers walk in closets and an en suite bathroom. 

This is another upstairs bedroom that we are using a Paul's office. This room connects to a bathroom that also connects to one of the other bedrooms as sort of a shared bathroom area between the two. It's pretty cool!

The third bedroom is Calleigh's. She has her own en suite bathroom too! The walls are adorned with My Little Pony and she is also really into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recently! 

The forth bedroom is our guest bedroom. It's kind of basic at the moment as we haven't had any guests yet but it's ready and waiting for any family that come to stay! It has a walk in closet and a bathroom too (that connects to the office). 

This is our master bathroom. I love the TV over the bath it has come in really useful!! 

Back downstairs and to the kitchen. This was one of the rooms that made me fall in love with the house. The kitchen is huge and I love the breakfast bar. Calleigh and I always have our breakfast and lunch sat there.

Another one of the reasons we liked this house was the finished basement. The property we rented previously didn't have this and it's such a big thing in America that we really, really wanted it. We haven't made use of all the rooms down there at the moment, there is still one room completely empty but it is a work in progress and we are happy with how it is at the moment. We have a pool room which we intend to install a bar at some point (hence the boozy pictures) and another room as the game room and finally another playroom for Calleigh. We try to keep Calleigh's toys confined to this room but it doesn't usually stay like that haha! 
There is also another bathroom downstairs with a shower as well so we may convert the empty room into another bedroom, we are not sure yet. 

There is obviously a backyard too but I haven't any photo's yet. Although now spring is here and the weather is a lot warmer we are spending much more time outside so there should be some photos soon! 

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