Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A New Year.. A New Start

Looking back at my blog the other day I realised my last post was in July last year. Wow I didn't realise it had been so long. 
There is no specific reason for my lack of posts since then other than, well life I suppose. There was many times when I wanted to blog and a lot more times when I just didn't feel like it. 
Last year was a particularly hard one for me and although I don't feel those hard times are quite over yet, I've thought long and hard about restarting this blog. A lot of the reason for that is because looking back through it, and all the happy times has meant a great deal to me and I want to carry that on so I have a lot more happy times to look back on. 
I know it also means a lot to my family who don't get to share these moments with us. 

So without boring you anymore about that heres a few of my best memories from the end of last year that I didn't get around to sharing with you. In no particular order and missing a lot of photos as my phone broke whilst I was in England and I lost every single photo aside from the ones I had uploaded to Facebook :-( 

Warning: A lot of photos follow this :-) 


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