My names Beki I'm 26 years young, wife to the wonderful Paul and a first time mum to Calleigh. I enjoy hot baths, English tea and spending time with my family. 


My lovely husband of 4 years and first time dad to Calleigh. He is our rock, our hero and our one and only. He is most certainly the apple of Calleigh's eye, she adores him. 


The star of this blog. She is our first child and is just perfect in every way. She loves cats, the Little Einsteins and playing silly games with Daddy. 

The Wedding
Paul and I got married in our village church on the 7th August 2010. He proposed to me during the song Nothing Else Matters at a Metallica concert in Nottingham and I have never regretted saying yes. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of it.

The Big Move

In April 2013 we moved from the little house in the little village we called home all the way to St Louis, Missouri. Paul got offered a position there and we were all granted a 3 year visa to live in the US. Now we are attempting to make ourselves a life here and living out our American Dream.  

Hope you all enjoy!

Beki and Calleigh x

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